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What is the best raw dog food in the UK?

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You’ll want to get the best raw dog food that suits your dog and your budget and finding this can, at times be tricky.

What is the best raw food in the UK? For my dogs it is Natures Menu Raw Tripe, they love it, we get it frozen and it is a good price and it is available in different varieties and pack sizes.

Raw dog food is a great choice for your dog and you should try it with your dog.

First it’s natural for a dog to eat raw, meat based foods and their bodies benefit most from as natural a diet as possible.

There are many sources of raw dog foods and most of the food that you can get is of human grade quality and, is not as some people might think, leftovers.

We’ll look at some of the leading raw dog food producers and some of their products and advantages of using their food.

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I’d recommend that you try raw food with your dog.

If you don’t want to read the article and you’d like to skip straight to some great raw food then you’ll get them here at Amazon.

Raw Dog Food

raw dog foodI’ve been around dogs for most of my life and, until 2019, never really considered raw food as an option for feeding.

In August 2019, I got a spaniel puppy who had been weaned onto a raw food which he loved.

What was interesting is that my older Cocker spaniel, when he smelt it, he displayed a desire to eat raw food.

When I fed it to him, he loved it.

Despite having always previously fed dried, kibble or biscuit based food, my thinking changed and I began to understand that maybe dogs enjoyed something a bit more natural.

I’m really surprised at the impact that raw food has had upon my dogs.

They really enjoy it, they are in great condition from eating it and it’s an option that I would recommend to anyone looking at types of dog foods.

Is raw food good for fussy dogs?

Yes, it is. Many fussy eaters will devour raw dog foods. 

Maybe it’s the smell, dogs love smelly food and there are some raw foods that do pong a bit – particularly the tripe based ones.

Don’t let that discourage you though, most of the raw foods are supplied frozen, so there’s no smell until you defrost it, and at that point your dog will be ready to eat it.

This is our choice of raw dog food right now.

Our dogs love it. It is available from Pets At Home in the UK and comes in packs that are frozen meaning easy storage .

We simply get a pack out of the freezer each morning to defrost, and a single pack, mixed with some dried biscuit, feeds our two Cockers for the day.

This food comes in different ‘flavours’. Beef, turkey, chicken and tripe. We’ve tried them all with our dogs and the result of the doggy taste test it that the tripe version is the best.

I’ll be honest with you, the tripe stinks, but the dogs truly love it, it doesn’t take long for them to devour it – and both of my dogs are in great condition from having this food.

Don’t be put off by the thought of raw dog food.

Find out more about Nature’s Menu and read reviews of this food here on Amazon.

Get the latest price here

Southcliffe Beef & Green Tripe Mince 100% Natural

This beef and green tripe mince is produced for dogs from 100% natural sources that meet human grade food standards.

The food is produced by Southcliffe Pet Foods in Derbyshire and is offered in a variety of sizes from 0.5 Kg to 12Kg sizes.

All food is provided frozen for easy and convenient storage and care.

There are a range of flavours available, which will add variety to your dog’s diet and these include:

Beef and Green Tripe

Green Tripe

Chicken and Green Tripe

Beef and Turkey Mince

Lamb Mince

Read more reviews for thisd raw food range here on Amazon

Get the latest price here

Basil's Dog Food - Large Value Box - 24 x 500g Tubes

This is a 12Kg box containing 24 500g packets of raw dog food of various flavours and varieties.

The food is supplied by Basil’s Dog Food, Wiltshire and claims to promote a healthy coat, clean teeth and general all round well being.

There are a variety of flavours in the pack including:

Venison, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Duck.

Read more about this great value box here on Amazon.

Get the latest price here

Natures Menu Original Frozen Raw Nuggets Banquet Dinner

5 x 1Kg frozen banquet dinners for your dog.

Produced by Nature’s Menu, these frozen, raw dinners are a complete meal made from quality, human grade, ingredients.

There are no artificial additives or other ingredients and the meals are totally delicious and great for your dog.

Raw food dinners like this are complete sources of nutrition and will keep your dog in great condition.

They are also a great treat for your dog on a special occasion.

These banquet dinners are available for puppies, active dogs. older dogs and others.

Read more about these great banquet dinners on Amazon here

Get the latest price here

Conclusion: What is the best raw dog food?

You need to find the best food for your dog and raw food is often a great choice.

For me I’m going to go with the raw food that my Cocker spaniels love and that is:

Nature’s Best Tripe

It comes in good sized frozen blocks that we can easily store in the freezer and it is widely available in stores and online at good prices.

My dogs love it.

You can easily try Natures Best for your dog by ordering a packet from Amazon here.

Best selling raw dog foods

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